Get the best spray tan in Brentwood, Columbia, Franklin, Nolensville, Spring Hill, TN

FAQ's - The best spray tan in Brentwood, Columbia, Franklin, Nashville, Nolensville, Spring Hill, TN

The most common FAQ's:

What is sunless tanning?

Sunless tanning uses a spray-on system to provide a tan skin coloring without the use of ultraviolet light rays. A mist of DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is applied evenly to the skin to produce a reaction on the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). DHA reacts with skin proteins to produce a bronze coloring within two to 10 hours. Our spray tans usually last for up to 7-10 days or longer, depending on factors such as how often you shower, shave or exfoliate. Our formulas include cosmetic bronzers so that you leave our salon with a temporary tan as your DHA treatment takes effect.

How much does one spray tan cost?

We have three formulas:

"Original" (develops over 10 hours) = $25

"SuddenTan" (develops over 3-4 hours = $29

"Body Builder / Show Prep (Instant & very dark; NOT a multi-day tan) = $35

How long will it take?

Typically, 8 to 10 minutes total, from start to finish.

What do I wear during the tanning session?

Whatever you are comfortable wearing. Some clients wear a thong/bikini bottoms and go topless; others will wear a strapless bra, while some wear a swimsuit. Many wear nothing at all, avoiding any tan lines whatsoever.

Will I be orange or smell bad?

LOL! No, no and no! Our hand-crafted formulas are made with the freshest ingredients by our team of cosmetic chemists and they are ODORLESS.  They are also Ph balanced, ALCOHOL-FREE and vegan.

Will the solution harm my jewelry?

Not at all.

  Will it stain my fingernails?

Not at all.

I am going to the beach. Does that matter?

When swimming in salt water (Including salt water pools), it is important to rinse off right away. Once the salt dries on your skin, it acts as an exfoliant, thereby sloughing away your tan.

Will shaving scrape off my tan?

Not as long as you use a moisturizing shave gel and a sharp razor, minimizing the friction on your skin.

Will the solution ruin my clothes?

No, with the exception of silk. The active ingredient has no color. The bronzer that is infused into our solutions is, simply, a cosmetic powder additive and will wash out easily.

If the bronzer rubs off on my clothes, will the mess up my tan?

No. The bronzer is not responsible for the activation of your tan. It is for aesthetic purposes only.

How long before I can exercise?

Wait at least 10 hours before sweating (or showering) or 4 hours for the Sudden Tan formula. Be sure to shower before exercising to avoid any embarrassing "runs." No one wants bronzing powder dripping down their face.

What happens if I get caught in the rain or if I sweat?

Pat moist areas with a tissue to minimize smudging. Don't rub! Any potential damage depends on the length of time that your tan has been developing. If the weather is in doubt, always carry an umbrella. Most drips or spots can be fixed with makeup or by applying a small amount of sunless tanner on the affected areas. If a hurricane blows in immediately following your session, it would be best to shower off and start over.

Can I apply makeup after my tan?

Yes, anything in powder form. Avoid liquid foundation until after you have showered.

How often should I get sprayed?

It depends on your skin type and how well you maintain your tan at home. Our "regular" clients love coming in for their golden glow every week.


Will the spray tan protect me from the sun or UV rays?

Absolutely not. You should exercise caution during times of exposure to the sun and ALWAYS wear a quality sun screen.

How dark will I get?

It depends on your skin type and whether you wait the minimum length of time before showering. Our solutions will give you a tan that will be equivalent to a weekend at the beach, just without the redness. No matter what your skin type, our spray tan will look unique to YOU. Our "Body Builder / Show Prep" formula is designed to provide a very dark look, predominantly via a bronzing agent. Use of this tan is primarily for contests, although, others will use it for a quick, very dark tan when typical processing or development time is not an option. This formula is NOT designed to last multi-days.

I'm a guy with body hair. Will that matter?

No. Body hair will not prevent your tan from developing.